Episode 274: Barbenheimer!

a6ba8e2a3be280af7d9b10219d0c5ebaBARBIE and OPPENHEIMER are burning up the box office, and the MovieFilm boys reconvene for an in-depth discussion of the blockbusters from Greta Gerwig and Christopher Nolan, and what their success means for the industry moving forward. Plus: Remembering Paul Reubens, Chicago memories, Listener Letters, and more!

Commentary Track: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

4c86be839a791d2c8c37fcb34b48d8aeArnold Schwarzenegger was back (though James Cameron wasn’t) and now so are we for our latest commentary track. This time around we dip into the archives to mark the 20th anniversary of 2003′s TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES. Listen separately or watch along with us for behind-the-scenes anecdotes, onscreen observations and humorous asides about the the polarizing TERMINATOR trilogy-capper.

Episode 273: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

67bf93178033c865c9fea2f5f7667b93Tom Cruise is back in theaters as superspy Ethan Hunt for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECKONING PART ONE, and the MovieFilm boys are here with our in-depth examination of this latest entry in the veteran action franchise. Is it the best of the bunch or an empty also-ran? Listen in to hear our thoughts. Plus: The Screen Actors Guild is on strike, what does this mean for the future of Hollywood? Also: Remember Alan Arkin, thoughts on the new WONKA trailer, and more!

Episode 272: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

049a9c8da3e750bc857c9744c3854389INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY is now in theaters, and boy howdy, did we have a lot to say about the fifth (and final?) cinemeatic exploit of Dr. Henry Jones Jr. in this epic-length episode! Listen as we give our spoiler and non-spoiler takes on the mega-budget franchise capper, including whether we liked it, what worked, what we might have done differently and more! Plus: More thoughts on THE FLASH bombing hard at the box office, a new Superman has been cast, and much more!

Commentary Track: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

341bf1827def096ff4431276bbddc80fWHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT celebrates its 35th anniversary this month, and we thought it was a perfect time to re-watch the Robert Zemeckis classic and talk through what continues to make it resonate three-and-a-half decades later. There’s lots of nostalgia and a whole lot of laughs as we partake in this one, so light up a stogie and stay away from the Dip as we hang out with Roger, Eddie, and Jessica once again!

Episode 271: The Flash

83a74aea6d4083fe0859c39f1d087422THE FLASH is in theaters now, bringing with it the belated return of Michael Keaton as our favorite big screen Batman. As you can imagine, we’ve got lots to say about this one, and the MovieFilm boys are here with an in-depth, spoiler and non-spoiler discussion about the DC speedster’s big screen opus, and why it might be slowing down at the box office. Also: Initial impressions of INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY, first reactions to the KRAVEN THE HUNTER trailer, remembering Treat Williams, and more!

Commentary Track: The Flash (1990 Pilot)

02dd6acd662ecd1fd7417dbbe0cf2ba7With the Flash about to make his solo debut on the big screen this week, we thought it was a perfect time to dip into the archives and watch the Scarlet Speedster’s FIRST movie: the feature-length pilot episode of the 1990 THE FLASH television series! Listen separately or watch along with us as we talk through this fascinating artifact from a time when onscreen superheroes weren’t quite as common as they are now, and John Wesley Shipp in moulded rubber was exactly what was missing in primetime. Why did the show not go the distance? Has it outraced its era? Give it a listen to find out!

Episode 270: Fast X

c541b3b32b7b19237e614289e880105aDominic Toretto and his family are back, and so are the MovieFilm boys to talk FAST X — the latest entry in the freewheeling FAST & FURIOUS franchise! Brian is on go, but he was able to get on a phonecall while wandering the streets of Rome, because that’s how important it was for him to discuss this latest caper. But that’s not all! We remember Ray Stevenson, Tina Turner, and of course Quentin Tarentino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD hero Rick Dalton! We may be separated by an ocean, but even that won’t stop us from gabbing about all the latest!

Episode 269: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

c0dd2642aad0298f2beeba7c46e54c5cThe MovieFilm boys ring in the start of summer movie season with our in-depth discussion of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3! Hear our thoughts on whether this latest Marvel Cinematic Universe entry turns things around, or whether superhero fatigue is really setting in. Plus: CLIFFHANGER and BEETLEJUICE get belated sequels, what the Writers Guild strike means for audiences, Listener Letters, and much more!

Episode 268: Summer Movie Preview 2023

eee92d02392e0e62b15c5ef3ffb7fef2It’s a low key MovieFilm this week as Zaki and Brian get caught up on their recent viewing experiences and cycle through some Listener Letters while also looking at some of the big movies coming up this summer season, and whether we’re as excited for them as we might have been a few years ago. Plus: Remembering Jerry Springer, bidding farewell to James Corden, and much more!