Episode 240: The Book of Boba Fett

eea829fe9d455ffba0fb46c8d572d904For our first February show we have an early reaction to Roland Emmerich’s new disaster flick MOONFALL and belated thoughts on how Disney+’s THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT is carrying the STAR WARS story forward. Plus: Joss Whedon’s career immolation, remembering Meat Loaf, Louie Anderson, and Howard Hesseman, and much more!

Episode 239: Scream (2022)

d417c672775202a9cc0d7b5fb0b1ce9625 years after the original, the MovieFilm boys are ready to slice into the latest SCREAM! Longtime listeners know neither of us are big horror movie fans, but this is one franchise we can always make an exception for. Does the fifth Ghostface flick live up to legacy? Hear our spoiler and non-spoiler thoughts. Also: PEACEMAKER, LICORICE PIZZA, and remembering the late, great Bob Saget!

Episode 238: Spider-Man: No Way Home

1f0f24a7f9de2407f922ab527608b9b5The MovieFilm Podcast rings in the new year with our much-delayed spoiler discussion on SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME! It’s taken a little while thanks to a covid-induced holding pattern, but we’re back to offer our thoughts on the smash hit superhero opus. Plus: DON’T LOOK UP! MACGRUBER! Remembering Sidney Poitier, Peter Bogdanovich, and Betty White!

Episode 237: The Matrix Resurrections

eeffd89ae60c2f325c1ee8028dfd0d3fFor the final MovieFilm of 2021, we plug into THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS and offer our thoughts on the polarizing new entry in the Warner Bros. franchise! Plus: BEING THE RICARDOS, WEST SIDE STORY, thoughts on the latest trailer for THE BATMAN, and an update on recent events in Brian’s life! As always, send us your questions and feedback, and we hope you have a safe and happy new year!

The MovieFilm Commentary Track: The Matrix Revolutions

20615d9b213330ddac3e6dad89c0e97aThe MovieFilm boys wrap up their MATRIX revisitations with a feature length commentary track for THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS! Listen separately or watch along with us as we delve into the concluding chapter of the original trilogy and determine whether it’s worthy of the polarizing reputation it has accrued in the 18 years since its release. With THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS due in theaters shortly, there’s never been a better time to plug back in and say, “Whoa!”

The MovieFilm Commentary Track: The Matrix Reloaded

afa74f014099f4a946ee33b1f760f61cHere at the MovieFilm Podcast…THE MATRIX has us! With the impending arrival of THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS in a few weeks, we decided it was time to plug back into the iconic sci-fi franchise and talk through THE MATRIX RELOADED! Listen separately or watch along as we delve into the trilogy’s second chapter, noting storytelling choices, technological feats, and the deeper philosophical issues being discussed. It’s a wide-ranging talk that covers a lot of ground…but no one can be told what’s in this commentary, you have to hear it for yourself!

Episode 236: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

e5d60510e173c1ea445aec239ab157a8GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE is trapping audiences at the box office, and the MovieFilm boys reconvene after our Thanksgiving break to offer our thoughts on the long-in-coming legacy sequel to the iconic ’80s movies. We also have quick takes on LICORICE PIZZA, HOUSE OF GUCCI, GET BACK and more! Plus: News that LETHAL WEAPON 5 is on the way! HBO’s big spend on a failed GAME OF THRONES prequel! SPIDER-MAN crashes movie ticket sites! Hear all this and more in our latest episode!

Episode 235: Marvel’s Eternals

e3ab67bb6e7645aa9ffb6b8d17818228Marvel’s ETERNALS is in theaters now, and we have some thoughts on this latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does writer/director Chloe Zhao’s superhero epic live up to its potential, or does it only FEEL eternal? Listen in for our thoughts! Plus: Remembering Dean Stockwell, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are making a movie, and Boba Fett’s first trailer drops.

Episode 234: Dune

682df52f8e12318ce5920e2580d3535aThe new adaptation of DUNE is now in theaters and we have lots to say about this latest attempt to bring Frank Herbert’s mammoth best seller to the screen. Does it live up to its legacy? Will it be for this generation what STAR WARS and the LORD OF THE RINGS films were for previous ones? Check out our spoiler and non-spoiler talk for all our thoughts! In addition, we discuss the tragic shooting on the set of RUST, remember the late Peter Scolari, and much more!