Commentary Track: Ghostbusters II

348b577049aa707893d9225bb65a6423The boys are back! With a new GHOSTBUSTERS sequel about to hit theaters, we thought it was a perfect time to visit the summer of ’89 and rewatch their FIRST follow-up, GHOSTBUSTER II. It remains a polarizing flick 35 years after its debut but we still think there’s lots to love about the second GB flick, from its re-teaming of the titular quarter to the spooky special effects and more. Listen separately or watch along with us as we talk through behind-the-scenes stories, amusing anecdotes and other stray observations!

Commentary Track: Lethal Weapon 2

09ba67e3446fd800a4d400a9acb693e6It was 1989 and the magic was back as Mel Gibson and Danny Glover reteamed for LETHAL WEAPON 2! The buddy copy sequel was one of the biggest box office hits of that year, and the MovieFilm boys fired it up to delve into why it still holds up three-and-a-half decades later! Listen separately or watch along as we offer up behind-the-scenes stories, humorous asides and even an insight or two on one of the greatest sequels ever made!

Episode 286 – Dune: Part Two

7ee367f85632e8968a84ddc40e9af979DUNE: PART TWO is playing to packed theaters, and the MovieFilm boys are here with their thoughts on the ambitious sequel from Denis Villeneuve. But that’s not all! New reboots are on the way for THE CROW, THE NAKED GUN, and SUPERMAN, and we have plenty of thoughts on those. Plus: Kevin Costner’s ambitious new western HORIZON, remembering Richard Lewis and much more!

Commentary Track: Dune (1984)

9d4930135f64a292c7d0b193c29ceb64For our latest commentary track, the MovieFilm boys delve into the hidden recesses of David Lynch’s DUNE! Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the film flopped upon its initial release but has nonetheless become a beloved cult artifact in the intervening decades. And with the release of DUNE PART TWO upon us, it seemed a perfect time to revisit this fascinating failure. So slip into your stillsuits and keep your thumper handy as we search for wormsign!

Episode 285: Madame Web

64f9a31aeb1482c3355cf8be396ec201Sony’s MADAME WB is in theaters now, and we have plenty to say about the Dakota Johnson-starring Spider-Man spin-off. Is it as lousy as the word-of-mouth, or is it a hidden gem waiting for rediscovery? Listen in to hear our thoughts! Plus: JURASSC PARK 7 find its director! Super Bowl movie trailers! Also, Listener Letters, Headlines, and much more!

Episode 248: Top Gun: Maverick

d6034d7347ab6630cdce5aa1336f6ca8TOP GUN: MAVERICK is currently flying high at the box office, and the MovieFilm boys are here with some thoughts on the Tom Cruise legacy sequel. But that’s not all! In this super-sized episode we have our reactions to the new season of STRANGER THINGS, the early episodes of OBI-WAN KENOBI, and more! Plus: Remembering Fred Ward and Ray Liotta, unpacking the trailers for GOTHAM KNIGHTS, ANDOR and WILLOW, and Brian announces his exciting new gig!

Episode 284: Jurassic 7 Incoming

84cb9c274070cff24f1e431e1ad06979It’s only been two years since the Jurassic era ended with JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION, but Universal already has another entry on the way, and we have the details on the franchise’s upcoming seventh entry. Plus: Indiana Jones is back…in game form! Remembering Carl Weathers and Tom Wilkinson, Disney’s latest sequel mews, and more! Also: Recent viewings, Listener Letters, and much more!

Commentary Track: She’s All That

76aac4a587b3b8a3755b66ede154173fFor our latest commentary we decided to mix things up by watching 1999′s SHE’S ALL THAT, celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. The high school reinvention of PYGMALION was a phenomenon upon its release a quarter century ago, but how does it stack up with decades of hindsight? Listen separately or watch along as we talk through the Freddie Prinze Jr./Rachael Leigh Cook rom-com, with plenty of behind-the-scenes stories and personal reflections along the way. Is it a bet? You bet!

Episode 283: Oscar Nomination Consternation!

c3fa6c2c699c13d541ce61ce250016acThe Oscar nominations were just announced this week, and as there is seemingly every year, there was plenty of online consternation about the allottment of noms and who got recognized for what. We chime in with our thoughts on the rage-bait du jour, but that’s not all! New STAR WARS movies are on the way! A familiar face returns to THE DAILY SHOW! Plus: Listener Letters, assorted other headlines, and much more!

Commentary Track: Die Hard 2

b98d04a057d70de5b0c987892375bb7fIt may be a new year, but we’re not ready to let the holiday season go just yet, so for our first commentary of ’24 we watched 1990′s DIE HARD 2! The Bruce Willis starrer has both detractors and defenders and we’re willing to give both a hearing as we talk through the ins-and-outs of the first DIE HARD sequel, dissecting plot points and behind-the-scenes stories. Listen separately or watch along, but either way be ready to introduce some “Yippee ki-yay” into your life!