Episode 153: Late Summer Catch-Up

merlin_142049175_45ac5921-cb4b-4819-877c-e4d6d1cc05d4-articleLargeAfter a lengthy late summer hiatus, the MovieFilm boys are back to take stock of the various-and-sundry goings-on in Hollywood over the past month! After offering quick takes on some recent watches, including Spike Lee’s latest, BlacKkKlansman, it’s down the line as we look at a whole slew of headlines: Has Star Trek 4 stalled in drydock? Clayne Crawford spills on his Lethal Weapon firing! What accounts for the crazy big grosses for Crazy Rich Asians? The strange story of Alec Baldwin’s disappearing DC universe role! Guardians of the Galaxy 3 on indefinite hold after writer/director James Gunn’s sudden firing by Disney! Plus, so much more! Star Wars news! Listener Letters! Summer movie season may be over, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have lots to say! Hear it at iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play. And like always, please make sure to hit “like” on our Facebook page, and send any questions or comments to MovieFilmPodcast@gmail.com.

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